Published June 25, 2020

"As an artist you release the spirit and the story that has rested deep in the bones, and you make the silence of bones – which have no fleshy parts like eyes, mouths, tongues --- speak and sing.” - Homi Bhabha

“From unwanted animal bones and other remains, Pitika Ntuli has articulated remote forms of spectral lives with outstanding clarity. The ancestral past has returned to challenge both the artworld and artists, urging them to consider the fragile state of the contemporary.”- Shaheen Merali

“This exhibition is in the tradition of our ancestors and the vision of the Biblical prophet. Pitika Ntuli has made his creative breath enter discarded bones, and they come to life. Pitika is the poet of resurrection, the spirit that once imbued all the great sculptures and pyramids of the ancient Egypto-African Civilization.” - Ngugi wa Thiong’o