Published June 23, 2020

Shaheen Merali's Profile

Shaheen Merali is a curator, critic and writer, currently based in London. He explores the intersection of art, cultural identity and global histories in his work. Previously he was a key lecturer at Central Saint Martins School of Art (1995-2003), a visiting lecturer and researcher at the University of Westminster (1997-2003) and the Head of the Department of Exhibition, Film and New Media at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2003-2008).

As an exhibition maker, at the HKW he curated several exhibitions accompanied by publications, including The Black Atlantic; Dreams and Trauma -Moving images and the Promised Lands; and Re-Imagining Asia, One Thousand Years of Separation. Merali was the co-curator of the 6th Gwangju Biennale, Korea (2006) and co-curator of Berlin Heist or the enduring fascination of walled cities for the 4th Mediations Biennale, Posnan, Poland (2014).

In 1988 as a co-founder of the Panchayat collection of ephemera, documents and publications providing research material illustrating an important link between modern art and activism through archival practices documenting the work of South Asian, Black and issue-based artists in the United Kingdom and internationally. The Panchayat Collection was donated and is part of the TATE library’s Special Collection in London.

A regular speaker on ideas of contemporary exhibition-making internationally, in 2018 he was the keynote speaker at the International Art Gallery of the Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Arts Festival, Lisbon.He is the co-organiserof the International conference 1989 This is TomorrowDe-canonisation and decolonisation, with the 1989 Collective at the Courtauld Institute. He is currently working on his debut fictional novel. He is working on a manuscript as a co-editor for the firstvolume (of six) in a series contingently titled Artefacts of SolidarityCritical Pasts, Impending Futures, for London based MAPT (Merali and PachkhédéTexts).

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